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Newsflash!  Attention!!!!

THE QUILT SHOW IS COMING SOON.  In fact it is June 4 & 5, 2016

LOOK FOR SATURDAY’S LIVE AUCTION AT 1 PM.  COME SHOP WITH OUR VENDORS AND PREVIEW THE DISPLAYED QUILTS.  Buy raffle tickets, choose your prize, drop ticket in box, who knows you may be a winner.

ON SUNDAY WE WILL START DRAWING FOR RAFFLE BASKETS AT 2 PM; AT 3 WE WILL DRAW FOR OUR BEAUTIFUL RAFFLE QUILT; FOLLOWED UP WITH THE REMAINDER OF THE RAFFLE ITEMS.  THERE WILL BE APPROXIMATELY 50 CHOICEs. BUY TICKETS 6 for $5.  If you have address stickers, bring those to the show.  All raffle basket tickets will need to have your name and phone number on the back.  Any questions on raffles, contact Candy Crain,  We truly have the best assortment ever!

2016 Quilt Show

Click Here for the latest information on our upcoming quilt show.  Go to our events page to see the fabulous auction quilts.

1 of 4 chairs to be auctioned

1 of 4 chairs to be auctioned

The story of one of our fabulous auction quilts:

Sunbonnet Sue Quilt

About a year ago our Philanthropy received a donation of fabric from a lady living in Sierra Madre, named Barbara LeVeque.  When I was sorting through the fabric I found some sweet little Sunbonnet Sue blocks.  They were beautifully hand appliqued, using different fabrics for each block.   Each block was hand embroidered, creating lace along the bottom of the dresses and baskets filled with multicolored flowers made from French knots.  I knew these blocks were special.  I called Barbara to ask if she had intended to include them in the donation.  I wondered if she would like them back.  She wanted us to keep the blocks.  She went on to tell me that the blocks had been made by her grandmother in the 1920’s.  Many of the pieces of fabric used in the blocks came from flour sacks.  Our Philanthropy team wanted to use the blocks to make a special quilt that would maintain the integrity of their history.  Jan Hirth generously offered to assemble the quilt, using her own collection of authentic 1930’s fabric.  Please note how she framed each block with fabric that perfectly complements each one of the Sunbonnet Sue’s dresses and bonnets.  After seeing the quilt, Marilyn Hamilton generously offered to finish it with hand quilting.  Our Philanthropy team is very happy with this beautiful quilt, especially considering the history behind it.  We want to thank Jan and Marilyn for their help with this project.  We would like to donate the quilt to our quilt show’s auction.

Sunbonnet Sue

quilt show flyer

Entry Form Instructions 2016 quilt show

Entry Form 2016 quilt show